It’s summertime in Athens and Nikos, a 30-year-old broke musician, is taking care of a luxurious villa in the suburbs that belongs to a friend of his. Between poolside cocktails and fooling around with the dog that he is meant to take care of, Nikos has a plan. Still unable to get over his recent break-up with Sofia, he figures this is a unique opportunity to get some much-needed answers and he invites her over for the weekend. Sofia delightfully accepts not knowing, of course, that Nikos’ plans are not as innocent as they seem. Nikos locks Sofia in the house and refuses to let her leave until she provides some rationale for the break-up, turning their alleged carefree holiday into a mess of games, fights, laughs and introspection. Is Nikos ever going to get the answers he was looking for? Is Sofia ever going to be able to explain why they broke up? Afterlov is a funny, poignant and scathing post-love story between two people who refuse to grow up.

DCP – 2016 – Greece – 94 minutes / Colour / Fiction

Original title: Άφτερλωβ Original language: Greek

Directed by: Stergios Paschos Written by: Stergios Paschos, in collaboration with Haris Fragoulis and Iro Bezou Cast: Haris Fragoulis, Iro Bezou Produced by: Phaedra Vokali Executive producer: Theodora Valenti Co-producers: Stergios Paschos, Christos V. Konstantakopoulos DoP: Christos Kapalos Assistant cinematographer: Yorgos Koutsaliaris Movi operators: Kostas Haratzoglou, Dimitris Zabalas Edited by: Stamos Dimitropoulos Music by: Melentini Sound by: Xenofontas Kontopoulos, Dimitris Rouhitsas Set design by: Simon Nikolaidis Costumes by: Marie-Louise Bartholomew, Antonia Catsambas Make-up by: Alexandra Myta Assistant director: Eleni Tsekeri Sound mix by: Nikos Triantafyllou, Christos Bekiris Color correction by: Manos Chamilakis Production manager: Kostas Baliotis Production assistant: Alexandros Varveris Set photographer: Michalis Koulieris

Locarno IFF – Youth Jury Award in Cineasti del Presente competition
Sao Paolo IFF
Scanorama FF

Thessaloniki IFF – Best Artistic Achievement Award &  Special Mention for Haris Fragoulis
Festival International du Film d’ Amour de Mons – Le Prix Cineuropa
European Union FF
Lucca FF Europacinema
Istanbul IFF

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