Almost Morning

(feature / fiction)

Anna and Mattias are two perfect strangers. She is a 40-year-old Greek translator and he is a 70-year-old German pensioner.

The only thing they share is a chance encounter they have one morning in a park in Berlin, where they find themselves sitting side by side on a bench.

Anna and Mattias are two perfect strangers until she discovers, upon her return to Greece, from a letter left by her recently deceased mother that her real father is not the one she grew up with but somebody else. A German lover her mother had as a student, who was also left in the dark about the whole affair and found out about the existence of his daughter with a similar letter, just like Anna’s.

“Almost Morning” is a film about two perfect strangers that have to find a way to discover one another through the undercurrent that connects them. Two perfect strangers who might learn to love each other one day.

June 14, 2016

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