Almost Morning

Anna and Mattias are two perfect strangers. She is a 40-year-old Greek translator and he is a 70-year-old German pensioner. The only thing they share is a chance encounter they have one morning in a park in Berlin, where they find themselves sitting side by side on a bench.

That is until she discovers, upon her return to Greece, from a letter left by her recently deceased mother, that her real father is not the one she grew up with but somebody else. A German lover her mother had as a student, who was also left in the dark about the whole affair and found out about the existence of his daughter with a similar letter, just like Anna’s.

Anna’s world is shattered from this sudden discovery. Her immediate environment is also left numb and at odds with Anna and the situation. First of all, her close-knit family. Anna’s father, who always knew the truth and decided to raise Anna as his own, out of love for his wife; his tight bond with Anna is tested, as his daughter becomes resentful and unforgiving. Then Anna’s younger sister, who is enraged by her parents’ lies and tries to help Anna cope; and, finally, Anna’s devoted partner, who offers his love unconditionally.

With so much already at stake, Matthias arrives in Athens and they meet. Anna realizes that she has already met her biological father, and Matthias faces his daughter for the second time. Are they still perfect strangers? How does this new discovery change them? Does it create any foundations for an actual relationship?

“Almost Morning” is a film about two perfect strangers that have to find a way to discover one another through the undercurrent that connects them. Two perfect strangers who might learn to love each other one day.

Greece, Germany, Luxembourg – Greek, English, German – Drama

Original title: Σχεδόν Αυγή

Directed by: Margarita Manda
Written by: Margarita Manda
Cinematography by: Kostis Gikas
Producers: Konstantinos Kontovrakis, Giorgos Karnavas

Produced by: Heretic
Supported by: Creative Europe, Greek Film Centre, ERT S.A.

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