All producers are aware of the complexity of creating and distributing a film, a process full of expected or unpredicted challenges sometimes impossible to be handled by a single producer or a small producing team.

Heretic Asterisk* aims at offering consultancy services, whether it is about placing a project internationally, using the right strategies or creating clever marketing ideas, including the following: funding applications for international institutions, development and financing strategies for projects, strategic planning for distribution and marketing, as well as co-ordinating all promotional material for completed films.

Heretic Asterisk* aims to become your reliable outsourcing partner offering flexible and efficient time-and-money-saving solutions for your projects.

An easy task for us, since our most valuable asset is our experienced team, whose members have worked with production companies from all over the world, and our network of creative talent of international calibre.

Contact Heretic Asterisk* today, and find out how it can make a producer’s life a bit simpler.

May 17, 2017