Days of Cannibalism

(documentary / feature)

Days of Cannibalism is a feature length film in two parts. A contemporary film about the relationship between the people of China and Africa.

Combining documentary and fiction, Days of Cannibalism moves from the Xiushan Building Business Apartment, one of the Hotels that caters exclusively to the almost 300 000 African traders and business people in Guangzhou, South China. From there it moves to Ha Sakake, a remote village in Lesotho where there has been a recent influx of Chinese traders.

Examining the lives of different characters in each setting, the film questions this relationship and who benefits from it. In the style of a Western, the story deals with crossing borders and frontiers, where the tensions between continents on the move are personalised.

A film with real and imagined characters, Days of Cannibalism is a man-eats-man story that allows us entry into one of the most important global developments of our time.

Co-produced with DayZero Films and KinoElektron / Supported by the Hubert Bals Fund.

March 24, 2015

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