July 7, 2020

Heretic and Heretic Outreach are proud to present four films at the Thessaloniki IFF

Heretic and Heretic Outreach are delighted to be attending the Thessaloniki International Film Festival with four great projects. Heretic’s “The Surface of Things” by Nancy Biniadaki will be screening as a work in progress at the festival’s Market, while Heretic Outreach will be repping three exciting projects: “Afterlov”, Stergios Paschos’ feature debut screening in the official competition section; “Godless” by Ralitza Petrova, screening Out of Competition; and “Two Lottery Tickets” by Paul Negoescu, screening as part of the Main Program of the Balkan Survey.

AFTERLOV by Stergios Paschos

  DCP – 2016 – Greece – 94 min – Comedy / Drama

Watch the trailer here

Original language: Greek
Cast: Haris Fragoulis, Iro Bezou
Produced by: Marni Films Production in co-production with ERT, 2|35, Faliro House Productions

It’s summertime in Athens and Nikos, a 30-year-old broke musician, is taking care of a luxurious villa in the suburbs that belongs to a friend of his. Between poolside cocktails and fooling around with the dog that he is meant to take care of, Nikos has a plan. Still unable to get over his recent break- up with Sofia, he figures this is a unique opportunity to get some much-needed answers and he invites her over for the weekend. Sofia delightfully accepts not knowing, of course, that Nikos’ plans are not as innocent as they seem. Nikos locks himself up in the house with Sofia and refuses to let her leave until she provides some rationale for the break-up, turning their alleged carefree holiday into a mess of games, fights, laughs and introspection. Is Nikos ever going to get the answers he was looking for? Is Sofia ever going to be able to explain why they broke up? Afterlov is a funny, poignant and scathing post-love story between two people who refuse to grow up.


Thursday, November 10th    |  11.00    |   Tonia Marketaki theatre (Press & Industry screening)
Thursday, November 10th   |   18.15   |   Olympion theatre
Friday, November 11th   |   20.00   |   Tonia Marketaki theatre

GODLESS by Ralitza Petrova


Romanian Winner of more than 15 awards internationally, including the Golden Leopard award ’16.

DCP – 2016 – Bulgaria | Denmark | France  – 99 min – Drama

Watch the  trailer here

Original language: Bulgarian
Cast: Irena Ivanova, Ivan Nalbantov, Ventzislav Konstantinov, Alexandr Triffonov, Dimitar Petkov
Produced by: Klas Film in co-production with Snowglobe, Alcatraz Films, Film Factory

In a remote Bulgarian town, Gana looks after the elderly with dementia, while trafficking their ID cards on the black market of identity theft. At home, she provides for her jobless mother, with whom she hardly speaks. Her relationship with her car-mechanic boyfriend is no shelter for love either – with sexual attraction vanished, intimacy is reduced to an addiction to morphine. Nothing seems to have consequences on the nurse’s conscience, not even the incidental murder of a patient, who threatens to expose her fraudulent dealings. Things start to shake up, when Gana hears the music of Yoan, a new patient, whose ID card she has trafficked. A growing empathy for the old man unlocks Gana’s drugged-up conscience, and she is ready for change. But when Yoan is arrested for fraud, she learns that doing ‘the right thing’ comes at a high price.


Thursday, November 10th   |   19.30   |   John Cassavetes theatre
Friday, November 11th   |   12:45   |   John Cassavetes theatre

doua lozuri 1

Best opening ever for a Romanian film; more than 100,000 admissions and counting

DCP – 2016 – Romania, Spain – 86 min. – Comedy

Watch the  trailer here

Original language: Romanian
Cast: Dragos Bucur, Dorian Boguta, Alexandru Papadopol
Produced by: Actoriedefilm.ro Company in co-production with Papillon Film, Kirkland, Studio Indie Production

Dinner, Sile and Pompidou, three men from a provincial town, win the big lottery prize, but very soon the lottery ticket gets lost, so the three characters start on a journey to recover it.


Tuesday, November 8th  |   17:30   |   Stavros Tornes theatre
Wednesday, November 9th   |   23:00   |   Stavros Tornes theatre

THE SURFACE OF THINGS by Nancy Biniadaki

Germany, Greece – 90 min. – Drama

Original language: Greek Cast: Maria Skoula, Maria Kallimani, Themis Bazaka, Marisha Triantafyllidou Produced by: WATCHMEN PRODUCTIONS GmbH, Heretic

There is an urban legend in Athens about Errinyos, an ancient underground river that nobody every saw but which, one day during the 80’s, came back to life and swept a girl away. The newspapers wrote that she was a teenager, half Greek, who lived in the outskirts of the city and was found drowned in the sea, tied on a raft. Present day. A young anthropologist is researching the legend and locates the people who knew the girl: her three best friends, now in their 40s, as well as their history teacher, now retired. Through bits and pieces of letters, tapes and interviews, these women relate the tragic story that took place 30 years ago and marked their lives, as well as the city’s collective memory. Hesitating at first, they then eventually give in to a redeeming confession, hoping to understand how their lives got here, how their generation got here, how the whole country got here. Failed dreams, politics, ideologies and a conservative society, they all conspire in a small tragedy whose victim was a young girl.

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