July 21, 2020

Heretic Outreach picks up Sundance Competition title “Human Factors”

Heretic is proud to add to its slate the sophomore suspense drama HUMAN FACTORS (previously known as ZORRO) by Ronny Trocker, produced by Zischlermann filmproduktion, Bagarrefilm, Snowglobe and ZDF and set to world premiere in competition at Sundance. Told through narrative loops and shifting lenses, the film places in the center of the narrative a family only to unveil the fragility of truth in the hyper-mediatized world and the power of individual perspective.

The film follows Jan, Nina and their two kids, a cosmopolitan, middle-class family. Nina and Jan have a successful career as account executives at their advertising company, but when Jan accepts to work on the campaign of a political party, Nina’s exclusion from the decision-making leads to doubting and mistrust. When they decide to spend a family weekend at their house in a coastal holiday resort, a mysterious home invasion sets everything off balance. While they try to put the incident into perspective, agitation triggers off a shake in the family core.

Ioanna Stais, Head of Sales & Acquisitions at Heretic, comments: “HUMAN FACTORS is a visually stunning and intense experience. When diving into the world of the film, you can’t help falling for its narrative techniques and the intriguing characters. What we find remarkable about the film is that, weeks after first watching it, we are still peeling off different layers of the narrative and discovering new ways of approaching it”.

Ronny Trocker was born in Bolzano, Italy, and grew up in 
a small village in the Northern Italian Alps. He lives and works mainly in Brussels. His work includes documentary, fictional and experimental short films as well as video installations, which have been shown at various festivals worldwide. In 2016, his first feature film THE EREMITES premiered in Venice Film Festival’s Orizzonti section. The film was nominated for the FIPRESCI Prize at the European Film Awards 2017.

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