Launch of Heretic Asterisk

Production company and sales agent Heretic join forces with EAVE-graduate and producer Vicky Miha to launch a one-stop consulting company for international producers. Working alongside Heretic’s team and using¬†our international expertise in developing, producing and distributing films, our goal is to offer creative and cost-efficient solutions for projects and completed films with a 360 overview of the international market.

Heretic Asterisk aims at offering consultancy services by our experienced team of professionals, whether about placing a project internationally, using the right strategies or creating clever marketing ideas.

Having worked with production companies from all over the world and using a network of creative talent of international calibre, we will offer a set of services, including funding application for international institutions, development and financing strategies for projects, strategic planning for distribution and marketing, as well as co-ordinating all promotional material for completed films.

As Vicky Miha explains,¬†“Our goal with Heretic Asterisk is to make a producer’s life a bit simpler, by co-ordinating parts of the development, distribution and marketing which cannot be easily handled by individual producers or small teams. At the same time, our international experience and wide network in the film world can boost ideas and collaborations that open up to new opportunities. Partnering with Heretic’s dynamic team and its experience in producing, distribution and marketing, can result to nothing but a creative powerhouse that can offer all sorts of new ideas and solutions”.

Find out more here.

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