(fiction / feature)

When Babak, an Iranian student in Greece, doesn’t show up to welcome his parents at the Athens international airport, his mother, Pari, is forced to go on a quest that will take her much further than a mother’s search for a missing son.

Pari and her older husband Farrokh are ill prepared to search for a fugitive in an intimidating alien environment. They are devout Muslims, this is their first time abroad and they hardly speak any English. Soon they reach a dead-end and when a tragic incident commands Pari’s return back to Iran, she does the unthinkable; she continues the search alone.

Following the steps of her rebellious son, Pari uses everything and everyone to reach the darkest corners of the city, as well as the hidden depths of her own soul.


Supported by MEDIA, Greek Film Center, ERT S.A., CNC, Nederlands Filmfonds, Bulgarian National Film Center. Winner CNC Development Award at CineLink 2015.

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