Babak, an Iranian student in Greece, doesn’t show up to welcome his parents at the airport in Athens. Pari and her older husband, Farrokh, both devout Muslims abroad for the first time, are ill prepared to search for their son in such an intimidating and alien environment. They start looking all over the city for any clue that might lead them to him. Soon, they reach a dead-end, and when Pari is forced to return to Iran, she does the unthinkable by deciding to continue her search alone. Following the steps of her rebellious son in the darkest corners of the city, Pari will exhaust the hidden depths and strength of her own soul – to achieve more than a mother’s quest for her missing son.

DCP – 2019 – Greece, France, Netherlands, Bulgaria – Drama

Original language: Farsi, English, Greek

Directed by: Siamak Etemadi Cast: Melika Foroutan, Shahbaz Noshir, Sofia Kokkali Produced by: Heretic In co-production with: Le Bureau, The Chouchkov Brothers, Topkapi

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