Son of Sofia

(fiction / feature)

Athens 2004. The Olympic Games return to their country of origin and 10-year-old Misha leaves Russia to reunite with his mother, Sofia. She immediately announces they’ll be living with Mr. Nikos, an older Greek gentleman, whom Sofia has been hired to look after. When Sofia reveals the two of them are married, Misha feels utterly betrayed and runs away in a desperate plea for attention.

Running away will introduce him to a whole new world. 16-year-old Victor gives him the grand tour, but Misha doesn’t have the stomach for it yet. He would rather go back to Mr. Nikos’s sheltered environment. Misha, Sofia and Mr. Nikos enjoy a few moments of family bliss, but the storm is far from over. Mr. Nikos has a stroke and the balance shifts. Seeing him bed-ridden and unable to utter a single word, Misha will claim his place as head of the family.

Supported by the Greek Film Center, MEDIA development, Centre National Cinematographique, Bulgarian National Film Center, Eurimages.

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