The Harvesters

The Free State in South Africa is the last stronghold for the world’s smallest and Africa’s only white ethnic culture – the Afrikaners.

In a conservative rural culture where strength and masculinity are prized above all, Johan is set apart by his hidden homosexual nature feeling isolated by an insular community obsessed with family and ancestry.

One day, Johan’s fiercely religious mother brings home an Afrikaans orphan. The new boy, Pieter, is wracked by drug withdrawal and refuses to believe in God, but under Johan’s guidance, he improves and the two partake in the annual maize harvest together.

As Pieter gets stronger, his appetite for sex with girls and drugs returns. But despite his transgressions, the manipulative Pieter wins over the family with his show of strength and heterosexuality.

The brothers lock into a dangerous struggle for power, using their hidden lives and broken pasts as weapons against each other.

Johan has to decide how far he is willing to go to protect his identity as beloved Afrikaans son-does he belong in the conservative Free State or is he destined to forge his own path?

The Harvesters explores the rites of passage into adulthood for a lost generation of Afrikaans youths- the first generation to be born outside of the Apartheid system- as they struggle to move into adulthood midst the chaos that is postcolonial Africa.


Supported by the Centre National Cinematographique, Greek Film Center, Fondation Gan, Polish Film Institute, Eurimages.

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