Niki’s commitment to the Resistance undermines her ability to be a mother to her son. Lefteris, her son, inherits a past he does not want. Until one day, the ‘thread’ that binds them together, the psychological umbilical cord, is cut. The Mother’s struggle for political freedom turns into psychological shackles that hold the Boy prisoner; in the end, he will have to fight for his own freedom and seek his own redemption.

DCP – 2016 – Greece – 94 minutes

Original title: Νήμα Original language: Greek

Director: The Boy Screenplay: The Boy Cast: Sofia Kokkali Cinematography: Simos Sarketzis GSC Editing: Panos Voutsaras Special Effects: Prokopis Vlasseros Sound: Kostas Varibopiotis, Nikos Triantafyllou, Buildings At Night Music: Felizol & The Boy Art Direction: The Boy VFX Supervisor: Giannis Ageladopoulos Costumes: Alkistis Mamali Make-up: Ioanna Lygizou

Production company: Logline Producer: Eleni Bertes
Produced with the financial support of the Greek Film Centre and the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation

Thessaloniki Film Festival, Greek Film Festival section
Göteborg International Film Festival
Lume International Film Festival

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