Heretic is a boutique film house producing and selling films on a global scale. We are dedicated to filmmakers who have a natural talent for storytelling, and to film teams that share Heretic’s core principle: in filmmaking, story and audience come first.

From our base in Athens, Greece, we have strong, established relationships within the international film industry. We choose to focus on film projects with an international perspective to ensure a strong position within the global film market at every stage of the journey to audience.

Giorgos Karnavas and Konstantinos Kontovrakis founded Heretic in 2013. Heretic started as a production base and quickly expanded by establishing the first of its kind world sales department for Southeastern Europe. The Heretic teams, Production and Sales, are both integrative and independent of the other – adjusting specifically to the needs of each film.

Expert key partners for solid and custom strategies in all stages of production as well as in sales, at festivals and alternative distribution models, Heretic remains dedicated to putting the needs of filmmakers and audience first.

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