July 21, 2020

Six Awards for MAGNETIC FIELDS by Yorgos Goussis at the 62nd Thessaloniki International Film Festival!

The film MAGNETIC FIELDS, Yorgos Goussis’ debut feature, lands six awards at this year’s Thessaloniki International Film Festival, including the Golden Alexander Award of Film Forward Competition section and Best Newcomer Director from the Greek Film Centre.

With Elena Topalidou and Antonis Tsiotsiopoulos in the main roles and script co-writers, MAGNETIC FIELDS is a road trips that follows a man and a woman, who meet by chance while travelling to an island and they decide to wander around together in search of a good place to bury a metallic box.

Born in 1986, Yorgos Goussis is one of the most well-known Greek comic book artists, with many best -selling graphic novels and awards. In 2019, he made his debut as a director with the ARM WRESTLER, a short documentary portrait that won the Greek Film Academy’s Best Greek Short Documentary award in 2020.

— Golden Alexander, Film Forward Competition

Reasoning: “For narrating the adventure of an encounter through adventurous filmmaking in free flowing and humanistic way, we bestow the Golden Alexander >>Film Forward award to the film Magnetic Fields”.

FIPRESCI Award – Greek film

The Greek Association of Film Critics Award (PEKK)

Reasoning: “Life and death coexist and confront each other viciously for quite some time now in an anywise ferocious battlefield. For this reason, the Greek Association of Film Critics stands by every attempt of the Festivals all over the world to remain alive, bestowing its award to a road movie inviting us to a journey that alludes to life. In the end of the road, the hope of a miracle. The film is no other than Magnetic Fields by Yorgos Goussis”.        

First Award – Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (ERT) , which is awarded to the Greek film that wins the FIPRESCI award.

— Greek Film Centre Award, which is awarded to a debut feature by a first-time director that premieres in the official selection.

Reasoning: “The award goes unanimously to a director who has the self-confidence to trust his actors and his team in order to make a tender road movie where the weaknesses of the heroes bring them face to face with their need for a new direction in life”. 

Location Manager

Reasoning: “As you probably know, the role of Location Manager in film making is integral to the creative whole, in a collaborative sense. It is a particular discipline that involves a unique combination of at first a creative eye, sensitive to the subtleties and demands of the script, and then later in the process the practical, diplomatic and logistical skills to make all this happen on location as a reality. With this particular film, we ALL felt that the understanding and knowledge shown by the Location Manager in their scouting showcased aspects of the Greek landscape (that whilst not the typically known tourist panoramas) which was none the less atmospheric, austere… and even epic. What we know in Latin as “Genius Loci” or “the Spirit of the Place”. In revealing the melancholy soul of this undiscovered side of a Greek island, the Location Manager creatively conveyed the tone and emotional landscape of the characters within the film. Therefore, the locations themselves spoke to us, and became yet another character within the film. We recognize that the Location Manager understood intuitively that, as with any elliptical Odyssey, it is the journey itself… not the destination that matters. It is for this reason that we give the Location Award to Marinos Sklavounakis for the film Magnetic Fields”.



Directed by: Yorgos Goussis

Screenplay: Yorgos Goussis, Elena Topalidou, Antonis Tsiotsiopoulos

Director of Photography: Yorgos Koutsaliaris

Editing: Dimitris Polyzos

Sound: Nefeli Pantzou

Music: Lefteris Volanis

Actors: Elena Topalidou, Antonis Tsiotsiopoulos

Production: MiniFILMS, Naked Eye Productions, Heretic

Producer: Yorgos Goussis

Executive producers: Giorgos Karnavas, Konstantinos Kontovrakis

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