Part One: We follow Angela, an overworked production assistant who must drive around the city of Bucharest in order to film the casting for a “safety at work” video commissioned by a multinational company, ostensibly to raise awareness among its own employees on the various dangers that lead to work related accidents. Soon she encounters Marian, a half paralysed worker, who gets the part.

Part Two: When Marian reveals on camera that his work related accident is due to the company’s negligence, his statement ignites a scandal, which forces him to re-invent his story to suit the company’s narrative.

True to form, Golden Bear winner Radu Jude, sets his absurdist comedic drama in two parts. In a dizzying landscape, cinema, capitalism and technology meet the political sociology of the post totalitarian digital world.

Featured in
Vanity Fair’s Best Movies of 2023

“Funny and furious, this deranged movie is also maybe the sanest film of the year.”
“With scabrous wit, deep seriousness and blatant bad manners,
the Romanian director tops even his Berlin-winning “Bad Luck Banging or Loony Porn”

“A dizzying, dazzling feat of social critique, an all-fronts-at-once attack on the zeitgeist,
a mischievous, often hilarious work of art about the artifice of work.”


“An absorbing reflection on inequality and oppression”
“Unleashes a fizzing catherine wheel of ideas, anger, quotations
and references that range from Bob Dylan to King Charles”


“Slipping discordant, Godardian subversion into a darkly comic,
Ruben Östlund-style human drama.”


“Tragicomedy is heaped upon tragicomedy to unbearably brilliant effect”
“Radu Jude blends absurdist humour with keen social integrity”


“Will leave audiences reeling from its non -stop blitzkrieg on the senses”
“masterfully balances gut-punches with side-splitting laughter”
“a deliriously funny, caustic roller-coaster ride”

The Film Verdict

“bizarrely funny”
“Perhaps Godard’s spirit lives on here in Radu Jude”

The Guardian

“An immersive experience”
“Radu Jude’s Freewheeling Feminist Satire”
“Of the handful of directors who make up the Romanian New Wave,
Radu Jude is perhaps the most radical and exuberant
— something like the movement’s Jacques Rivette or Jacques Rozier.”

The Hollywood Reporter


Drama / Comedy

2023 – Romania, Luxembourg, France, Croatia
163 mins

Directed by: Radu Jude
Written by: Radu Jude
Produced by 4 Proof Film
Co-produced by: Paul Thiltges Distributions, Les Films D’ici, Kinorama, microFILM

In association with: Bord Cadre Films, Sovereign Films.

With the support of:
Centrul National Al Cinematografiei – Romania,
Film Fund Luxembourg,
ARTE Cofinova/19,
Croatian Audiovisual Centre

Producers: Ada Solomon, Adrian Sitaru

Co-producers: Adrien Chef, Paul Thiltges, Serge Lalou, Claire Dornoy, Ankica Jurić Tilić

Executive Producers: Dan Wechsler, Jamal Zeinal-Zade, Andreas Roald

Associate Producers: Ioanna Stais, Giorgos Karnavas, Konstantinos Kontovrakis

ARTE/ Cofinova 19: Rémi Burah, Olivier Père


Romania’s Official Oscar® Entry 2024

Locarno IFF – Main Competition.
World Premiere
– Special Jury Prize
– Commendation of the Ecumenical Jury
– 1st Prize of the Junior Jury

Toronto FF – Wavelengths
New York FF
Chicago IFF
– Best Performance Award for Ilinca Manolache
BFI London FF
AFI Fest
Reykjavik IFF
Film Fest Hamburg
– Film Critics’ Prize | awarded in cooperation with the Association of German Film Critics
Gijon IFF
– Best Feature Film | Albar Competition
Montclair FF
– Fiction Feature Prize
QCinema IFF
Márgenes FF
– Special Mention of the Jury

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