by Kostis Charamountanis


Summertime. A family of three, a single father, Babis, and his twin children on the verge of adulthood, Konstantinos and Elsa, sail to the island of Poros on the family boat for their holidays. In the midst of swimming, sunbathing and making new friends, Konstantinos and Elsa meet unbeknownst to them, their birth mother Anna who abandoned them when they were babies. This encounter will stir up long-held feelings of resentment in Babis, resulting in a sun-kissed, bittersweet coming-of-age journey for everyone involved.

“[The] strong chemistry between Georgopoulos
and Lekakou, whose sparky but caring sibling dynamic speaks
to years of shared secrets and squabbles.”

“In a hallmark of Charamountanis’ ability to subtly indicate the
undercurrents of family pressures,” […] “This is a filmmaker with
faith in his own rhythms and a muscular enough plan of attack to
encourage us to fall in step with this family summer, which
plays out at the meeting point of nostalgia and something new.”


“Moving and graceful, Kyuka levitates between
the serious and the charming, even the zany.
Something of the shaggy and warm Rozier of Du Côt d’Orouët
emerges from eh waves and moments of comedy”


“The spectator’s delight is as much due to
the absolute naturalness of the actors as to the artifice of a montage
which, by taking on repetitions, ellipses, parallels, slagging and
deconstructions, it rediscovers an original, madcap freshness.
This staggering freedom alone makes you want to skim other seas
on Charamountanis’s not-so-fragile skiff.”

Cahiers du Cinema

“This small, unassuming film catches you by surprise.” 

“A tender summer chronicle.”
“Manages to evoke a sense of yearning for simpler times, capturing the emotional state of a family that ails from the constant question of what could have been.”

Eye for Film


2024 – Greece, North Macedonia
105 mins

Directed by: Kostis Charamountanis
Writen by: Kostis Charamountanis
Cast: Elsa Lekakou, Konstantinos Georgopoulos, Simeon Tsakiris, Elena Topalidou, Stathis Apostolou
Produced by: Heretic, List Production
Co-produced by: ERT, Greek Film Centre
Producers: Danae Spathara, Giorgos Karnavas, Konstantinos Kontovrakis, Marija Dimitrova


Cannes ACID (World Premiere)
– Opening Film

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