by Angela Schanelec


Found at birth on a stormy night in the greek mountains, Jon is taken in and adopted, without having known either his father or his mother.

As an adult, he meets Iro, a warden in the prison where he is incarcerated after a tragic accident. She seems to seek his presence, takes care of him, records music for him. Jon’s eyesight begins to fail…

From then on, for every loss he suffers, he will gain something in return. Thus, in spite of going blind, he will live his life more than ever.


108 min – Greek, English – Germany, France, Serbia – 2023

Directed by: Angela Schanelec
Director of Photography: Ivan Markovic
Producer: Kirill Krasovski
Co-producers: François d’Artemare, Danae Spathara

Produced by: faktura film
Co-produced by: Les Films de l’Après-Midi, Heretic


Berlinale Competition | Silver Bear, Best Screenplay, Angela Schanelec

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