Petit Samedi

by Paloma Sermon-Daï


Damien Samedi is a hard-working man, a loving son and a caring boyfriend. He’s also been struggling with a drug addiction most of his adult life, counting on his mother’s matter-of-fact, yet unwavering support. Mixing unexpected moments of humour, insight and compassion, their tender mother-son relationship is at the heart of his challenging journey.

At once an intimate character study and a much-needed humane counter to the shockingly one-sided, fear-mongering depictions of addiction prevalent in today’s media, “Petit Samedi” is the universally relatable, life-affirming portrait of a man facing his demons.


2020 – Belgium – French

Directed by: Paloma Sermon-Daï
Written by: Paloma Sermon-Daï
Cinematography: Frédéric Noirhomme
Edited by: Lenka Fillnerova
Cast: Damien Samedi, Ysma Sermon-Daï
Producer: Sébastien Andres, Alice Lemaire
Produced by: Michigan Films
Co-produced by: RTBF, Take Five


-Berlin IFF, Forum (World Premiere)
-Athens IFF | Best Documentary Award
-Namur IFF | Bayard d’Or for Best Film, Agnès Prize
-Magrittes du Cinéma | Best Documentary Award
-Docaviv IDFF
-IDFA | Best of Fest
-Angers Premiers Plans | Prix Diagonales
-Docudays UA | Student Jury Prize
-Quebec City FF
-Au Contraire FF
-St. John’s International Women’s FF
-Message to Man FF, Competition
-ZINEBI, Competition
-L’Alternativa, Competition
-Filmmaker Festival
-Panorama of European Film

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