by Vasilis Katsoupis


YUGOSLOVE is the story of an American couple in their early forties who goes on vacation in the former Yugoslavia to pay their respects to the old, abandoned Socialist “spomenik” monuments. Both of them are committed old school Socialists and this vacation has been their dream for some years now. But as they approach middle age, their lives are changing, and the trip makes them come to terms with the tensions in their relationship, the souring of their political ideals and the beginnings of their midlife crisis.

Driving through Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro and Northern Macedonia in an old Zastava car, they are forced to confront, head-on, the decisions and choices they have been avoiding. Will they stay together? Will they try for a baby? Will they stay truthful to the ideals of their youth? Will they stay as they are? Or break their routine? And change?

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