Marian Mathias’ RUNNER & Valentina Maurel’s I HAVE ELECTRIC DREAMS win big at San Sebastian IFF!

Toronto-bound RUNNER by Marian Mathias (produced by Joy Jorgensen of Killjoy Films and co-produced with Omar El Kadi and Nadia Turincev of Easy Riders) received the Jury Prize at San Sebastian IFF,

“for the ambition of its narrative engagement, for its originality and for the intensity felt in this first work.“

At San Sebastian IFF, the Costa Rican director Valentina Maurel, presented her 3-times awarded in Locarno debut, I HAVE ELECTRIC DREAMS (produced by Benoit Roland of Wrong Men and Grégoire Debailly of Geko Films, co-produced with Felipe Cordero, Valentina Maurel of Tres Tigres Films) at Horizontes Latinos section. The film was named Best Film in its category, and is ready to travel to Busan IFF, Reykjavik IFF and Bogota IFF.

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