THREE DAYS OF FISH Nabs Best Actor Award for both Ton Kas & Guido Pollemans at KVIFF

Following his Venice Days debut “Between 10 and 12 ,“
Peter Hoogendoorn’s dry-witted sophomore feature leaves KVIFF
with both father and son protagonists sharing the Best Actor Award.

Last year, Stephan Komandarev’s Bulgarian / German co-production
Blaga’s Lessons won the top prize at KVIFF.
Photo Credit @Film Servis Festival Karlovy Vary

“A Warm Breeze of Melancholy Runs Through This Dutch Father-Son Portrait”

“If Alexander Payne’s home discomforts weren’t Nebraskan
but instead the soft climate and flat sidewalks of Rotterdam
if his name were Alexander Peijn, perhaps his films might turn out
a little like Peter Hoogendoorn’s hangdog charmer “Three Fays of Fish.”

“At once universally familiar […] this story of a brief,
fraught reunion between a distant father and his unmoored son is an
intimate, closely examined character piece”


“A wry, tender, tragicomic gem.”

“Finding both deadpan humour and inconsolable sadness
in family tensions that will feel painfully relatable
to many viewers, writer-director Peter Hoogendoorn’s
semi-autobiographical second feature calls to mind
the bittersweet emotional terrain of Alexander Payne.”

The Film Verdict

“Hits the bull’s eye as it portrays a complex interaction
between a father and son in a profound, universal manner
to which everyone can relate,”


4/5 stars
“A deadpan comedy with a lot of heart.”
“Hoogendoorn crafts a father-son dynamic that thrives
in dry humour but offers a lot in terms of sympathy.”

Eye for Film

“A stirring picture of male vulnerability.”

“The tacit acknowledgement that father and son want
to embrace one another is enough to make you want to
immediately call your dad or your child rendering
“Three Days of Fish” a nourishing familial meal.”

Roger Ebert

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