Willem Dafoe Takes Us Inside His (Nearly) One-Man Show

In his long and impressive career, Dafoe has done almost everything.
But for Inside, Dafoe does something he’s never done before: carry a movie almost entirely on his own.

“The way they [producers Giorgos Karnavas & Konstantinos Kontovrakis] invited me to collaborate was the kind of situation that I like a lot,” Willem Dafoe says. “So it was really born out of practical problem-solving.”

Dafoe was intrigued by the challenge of being an almost totally solo performer in the film.

But even though Dafoe delivers a mostly solo performance, he doesn’t consider it a one-man show.

“When you’re the solitary performer and you have an idea for a movie that has a good script, the reality of it can’t be tested until you get there. So you’re also acting like a filmmaker. It’s really a collaboration.”

INSIDE, Vasilis Katsoupis debut, starring Willem Dafoe broke into its World Premiere in the Panorama section of the Berlin International Film Festival this February and is released in the U.S by Focus Features, while Universal Pictures International is releasing the film in the rest of the world.

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