Heretic is an Athens-based production company created by Giorgos Karnavas and Konstantinos Kontovrakis, focusing on director-driven films and international coproductions, dedicated to working with talented filmmakers and bringing creative people together.

Holding strong ties with the international film world, Heretic ensures an international perspective for its projects from development to completion.

Alongside Heretic, Heretic Outreach operates as the international festivals and sales arm of the company. It is the first agent of its kind made by the region for the region and aims at becoming the region’s key partner for solid strategies in festivals, sales and alternative distribution models.

Initially focusing on films that have been produced or co-produced by South Eastern European countries, Heretic Outreach has since expanded its territory to the rest of Europe and the world. Heretic Outreach’s main activity concentrates on the circulation of its films through festivals, increasing by extension their exposure to other distribution circuits, such as theatrical distribution, TV sales and VoD.

In 2017, Heretic joined forces along with Eave-graduate and producer Vicky Miha to created a one-stop consulting company for international producers: Heretic Asterisk*. Working alongside Heretic’s existing team and joining their respective experience in developing, producing and distributing films, the joint venture’s goal is to offer creative and cost-efficient solutions for projects and completed films with a 360 overview of the international market.