In 2008 Athanasios Avramis- one of the most well-known and respected Greek Orthodox priests in America- suffered a nervous breakdown, coming out of it with the idea that he never should have been a priest.

A seemingly happy and satisfied man who was known for his dynamic speaking abilities and charismatic personality, it turns out that Athanasios carried many secrets about his life. A video is discovered – something he made in 1989, which nobody has seen before. In this, Athanasios documents his life as a priest: the things he knew about people, the burdens he carried, and the incredible doubts he experienced being a spiritual leader.

His daughter, Alethea, a young filmmaker based in LA, uses this along with other footage he shot to try and piece together her father’s life. The search leads deep into her family’s history, across three generations and all the way back to Greece.

Sundays is an exploration into the universal human condition of the journey to finding happiness and meaning in life.



Greece, France – English – Documentary

Directed by: Alethea Avramis
Written by: Alethea Avramis
Cinematography by: Alethea Avramis
Edited by: Esther Shubinski
Producers: Giorgos Karnavas, Konstantinos Kontovrakis
Co-producer: Mathieu Bompoint

Produced by: Heretic
Co-produced by: Mezzanine Films
Supported by: Greek Film Center

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