Still River

PETROS and ANNA are a  Greek couple in their 30s that moved to Siberia from Athens a few months ago. Petros, a distinguished environmental engineer, rational and cool-headed, has undertaken an innovative project for the city’s heavy industrial plant.

Their lives are unexpectedly disrupted when Anna gets pregnant.

They both know Petros can’t be the father. Even though they are very much in love, they have not had sex since their arrival to Siberia.

The two of them slowly take different paths in an effort to make sense of their situation. Anna, seeing Petros gradually drifting away from her trying to rationalize the inexplicable, finds solace in the local community and its religious beliefs, without questioning their unconditional love and acceptance.

Petros, on the other hand, who thinks from the onset that Anna has been cheating on him, builds a conspiracy theory centered against his project proposal for the industrial plant, which the local community strongly opposes as it would destroy a river that is sacred for them – the very community that worships Anna as a modern Saint.

The mystical river, the immaculate conception and the local community build an atmosphere of tension within the couple.

Anna, sees Petros as a stubborn child, imprisoned in his need to interpret everything logically, while he frantically tries to find ways to prevent her from giving birth.

The crisis inside the couple culminates. Faith and Reason violently confront each other as the futile struggle for meaning in a constantly changing world becomes an obsession.



Supported by the Greek Film Center, ERT S.A., MEDIA, Centre National Cinematographique and the National Film Center of Latvia.

May 17, 2017

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